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2017 has been a crazy year for me ! Let’s just say if I ever write a book on my life, this year would be the year highlighted in gold. And why am I saying this, you will know ahead. So take a cup of coffee in your hand and keep reading as this one is going to be a long post.

This has been the year when I chose my passion over a comfort, took a risk and worked hard to achieve it. Things were definitely not easy, taking a decision of being a full time blogger means depending upon sponsorships for your monthly salary and but that was a chance I was willing to take .

So here is my mini- timeline of events this year.



I am fairly certain I suffer from digital dementia because I fail to recall what I did during January 2017. But I am sure the reason I don’t remember is because my life was boring as hell mostly.  I worked a 9  hour job.  The winters are at peak in January at New Delhi and I used to work as a stylist at ZEE but that’s not it . Since I also had a part time blog, I preferred to work on a shift such that I could give time to my blog as well(which I wanted to take it to the next level) and show up at events. So my office timings were usually 5:00 am to 2:30 pm . Well that implies waking up at 4:00 am (almost midnight as per my current schedule ) .  Now you may guess why I don’t really remember much of January because I was making time to sleep.

Looking back on my Instagram posts, I did give a speech at Just design college on my experience of blogging .That was the highlight though.


Yet again, I Fail to recall what I did, as my life was that monotonous and boring but kudos to me for recalling that. Feb was the month when Salt Bae came in our lives and taught us how to sprinkle salt in style. (*pats on the back*) Since I am on a good space mentally and physically now, I feel confident enough to share this with you guys. 2016 was a really bad year for me, I had my heart broken(bet you didn’t see that coming) and was not really much satisfied at work space as well. But I made myself believe in self love and mental health above all such that now I see myself  gaining back my confidence and trust in people. One of the best decisions was to start working out. By the time it was Feb 2017 , I was in a very different zone mentally . I could think wisely for my betterment and started grabbing all the opportunities that came along. But the most important question I asked myself then was whats’s next ?? The job wasn’t taking me anywhere I wanted to and my “larger than life” dreams were on hold. This was the month when this crazy idea of taking my blog to a full time job hit me.


1st of march ! I still remember this day. I stepped in the office at 5:00 am, signed up to my account and did not even think twice and resigned from my job. The night before, I gave my decision a lot of thought . What if it didn’t work ?? financial stability ?? back up career options ?? blah blah. So for a safer side I saved some money and put it aside to make sure I had enough to pay for my bills/rent and live for the next 3 months. In the meanwhile I was already associated with some clients as a digital media strategist .

But as always , things don’t turn out as I plan. On one had, I wasn’t relieved and had to serve a notice period of a month, on the other, my dates were occupied as I signed up for a few projects. God only knows how I survived this month : hustling around and being everywhere at the same time. Some major collaborations of the month were with VLCC , Faceshop and Meena Bazaar . This is also the time when Amazon India fashion week happened and you might already be well aware of 10 day prep rituals for the fashion week.



Hustle was going strong and I was being approached by a lot of brands and PR agencies. The real challenge for me was turning these collaboration into real money. This was when I was approached by an agency to handle my work( People don’t generally spill such things on social media though ) I thought it was a good idea to associate with them at the time and it only took me further ahead. A mini travel also occurred this month. And oh! how could I forget my first association with Max fashion . One of the posts from that series turned out to be most loved pictured on Instagram this year.



Apart from the work and collaborations, what I was most grateful about this month was meeting so many inspiring people. I used to be a big-time introvert. But being in this profession, meeting a lot of people at events and social media interaction somehow made me a normal human being (because I don’t know the term for intermediate between and introvert & extrovert ). It is really interesting to meet different people, know there side of the story and be inspired.



Ever since I was in a full time job, I was really bad in making time for family and friends. This month I made up to everyone who always complained to me for not having enough time.


This was quite a eventful month. A lot of work and made a new friend who happens to be a blogger as well and we really hit it off because of that Sagitarrian vibe.  Hello there Amy, I will make you read this 😛



By this month I was sure that I had to stop stressing over my back up career options because blogging was giving me enough revenues to take it further. Also I invested in better devices for work and spent quite a sum of amount. A couple of people contacted me to fund my blog and take it to a higher level as they saw a business opportunity. But I refused, as this space that I have created is quite close to me. Though running a self funded business, investing on things time to time and paying photographers does seem like a challenge , but hey that’s what you hustle for.

Also the highlight of the month was , got features in COSMOPOLITAN India with my fellow bloggers.



September is when the festive season arrives in India and I had been wanting to create some ethnic content. I was fortunate enough then for some brands who connected with me for the same, and we did some mind blowing work. The pictures from the series still keep on getting likes on Instagram . This was when I found my love for Ethnic wear again . The highlight of the month was I attended Chainsmoker’s concert in Delhi with Pepsi India. Also I had the best company of my friend Kiran Khokhar . (I swear I cannot forget that night )


October comes with the vibe of Autumn in India and autumn announces another season of fashion week. Since I Handle digital content for a well known designer who was a part of fashion week, it was quite a busy month for me. Also, I finally invested in my very own camera and one of the collaborations from this month made it to my favourite from the year. Made a friend who happens to be a photographer and dreams larger than life . Hello Akhilesh , thank you  for creating an awesome content together . You have been a great friend this year.

Another highlight for this month my collaboration with Life Tak, a lifestyle segment of a leading channel AAJ TAK to create 5 videos for their digital channel.



Aah Birthday month ! What do I say ?!!? This month has been a month of yet again major decisions which will reflect my 2018. And I know I am working towards them every day and getting closer.


Yet another eventful month. No matter how much I hate winters, but somehow my love for creating content has become so big that the chill in the winds cannot stop me anymore.

Honestly, there has been so much this year that this is just only scratching the surface. But I had to share my favourite moments with my digital family .


  1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – My dreams were crazy, but my belief in me has made it so so strong that now when I look back I feel I have come a long way .
  2. TAKE RISK  & HUSTLE HARD –  Take risk , work for them and do not doubt yourself . Believe in your hustle.
  3. BE UNAPOLOGETIC WHEN IT COMES TO BUSINESS – I believe I was quite naive in this zone, but hey experiences made me learn this.
  4. APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE – We often don’t take out much time for our family or friends, this year I realized the value of doing that. Trust me there is no bigger wealth to see a smile on your parent’s face and you being the reason behind it. I am blessed to have such a supporting family and friends who have always believed in me (okay may be not always ) .
  5. REMOVE THE TOXINS – Keep your eyes open and realize who are the people not clapping for you in your success and then maintain a safe distance from them .



  1. First thing I wish for this year is good health of my family and friends.
  2. To travel the world and explore more.
  3. Of course meeting my digital family and sharing more valuable content .
  4. Also I am getting into the habit of sending hand-written letters to my close ones. This used to be our family’s thing earlier, but ever since my grandfather passed away, the tradition was lost somewhere. I hope to bring it back.
  5. And finally my Youtube channel goes live on January. So I would need your immense support over there as you guys have supported me so far. <3