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So this happened recently when I spent my day at the newly opened Smaaash at DLF Mall of India .I was a little unsure as I am hardly a sports person ,I mean really the only time I watch cricket match is either a world cup final or a India/Pak match. So I thought lets give it a try and the next 3 hours I spent there were hell of a fun. So let me get into the details about #Smaaash ,

Smaaash presents an unmatched range of games that offer a superlative experience, and combines the best of sports, music and dining into a highly immersive, interactive, innovative and involved entertainment experience .A never seen before gaming experience with fresh concepts.

“The concept of Smaaash is as exciting as it is unique. It provides the perfect haven to let your hair down and have some fun, and leave behind the stress of daily life. Smaaash not only redefines sports entertainment, but also allows one to immerse themselves in a sport they love and experience it first hand, not just as a spectator. And we’re now ready to smash it out of Noida with the newest Smaaash outlet at the Mall of India!” added Sachin Tendulkar

At Smaaash Noida, one can also immerse oneself into virtual reality technology that is so close to reality that it completely absorbs one’s senses. A mix of motion & amp; positional tracking, virtual reality high definition Head Mounted Displays (HMD), along with a state of the art graphics engine that renders in real time, adds thehigh definition thrill to adventure gaming. Games like Walk The Plank, Finger Coaster, Fly Max, Face Ronaldo and many more provide for a completely immersive experience and transfer you to a world beyond your wildest imagination.

The launch of Smaaash Noida also commemorates the launch of Mighty Small Café & Bar in NCR. Mighty Small @Smaaash is the new concept café being launched at all Smaaash properties across the country. The café features a carnival theme space with elements that exude fun, joy and vibrancy. A café designed especially for children and those that are kids at heart, the idea is to have a place so alive that it reflects life as in a carnival. The bar features a scrabble inspired façade with names of drinks on it for the amusement of the customers. All elements, like the origami birds, 3D animal art installations, red glass panels come together in a beautiful way.

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