Skin So Good You Don’t Need Makeup all the time ft Aayana Clinic

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I said it before, and I will say it again: I don’t like wearing foundation! Aside from the fact that it took me a really long time to find one that blends with my skin and isn’t obvious, somehow I still feel like I have a mask on whenever I wear one. I do of course wear foundation on a regular basis, as we shoot or go to events practically everyday and wearing one on camera is rather a necessity. But on my days off, foundation-free is what I opt for. A bit of eye-liner, some mascara and lip balm, and I am good to go!

The simple trick behind going foundation-free is proper skincare and the right products. Pair it with a proper diet and exercise and your skin will be sure to thank you (I can’t even begin to tell you how much my skin improved once I introduced more fruits and vegetables into my diet and started working out on regular basis). What I mean when I say proper skincare is consistency. Once you get your skin-care routine down, follow it on regular basis. It took me some time to get it right, but now, I never skip my morning or evening routine, no matter what! And it makes all the difference.

The right products are important too. I happen to be skin-care obsessed and pressed for time, so I am always looking for multi-taskers to simplify my beauty ritual.


Also last week I went to the launch of AAYNA CLINIC at Khan Market, New Delhi. The new Clinic carries forward the legacy of AAYNA offering safe and effective procedures in the fields of Cosmetic dermatology.
The clinic offers the latest , most innovative and medically approved cosmetic dermatological treatments, anti-ageing procedures and other treatments in aesthetic wellness. While talking to the Dr. Simal Soin , founder of Aayna clinic , I was very much keen on understanding semi permanent makeup procedure and nano-blading of eye brows. Apart from these , the clinic also provides Skin maintenance treatments, Weight management, hair restoration and medical pedicures.


AAYNA Clinic is now present in the two most prime locations in Delhi- Mehrauli near Qutub Minar and Khan Market. It is medical space run by Doctor’s in a very luxurious and comforting environment which ensures great results and care. AAYNA has a happy client base over 10,000 clients from across the world. You can check their website to know more about the services they offer –

Now on my days off, my makeup takes no time at all. I simply cleanse my face, add a bit of eye makeup to brighten the face, some creamy lip color and keep my skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. Basically, I’m ready and out the door in less than 5 minutes. Love that!