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Hey guys, I hope you had lots and lots of fun playing Holi ,but we all know how its ends for us girls (and may be guys too 😉 ) .Even if you prepare yourself mentally to be drenched in color by family and friends, you can’t do the same with your hair and skin. It’s extremely important that you protect yourself from toxic colors.We all know that colors now-a-days are made up of ingredients like acids , glass powder and we can pretty much guess how they will turn out for us.
So I jotted down some skin and hair rituals which i think might help you guys to regain that charm.

Post-Holi skin and hair care routine
1) Deeply cleanse and condition your hair. Apply a hair mask after 2-3 days to treat the damage done to your hair texture.

2) Do not rub the skin vigorously with soap to get rid of the colors. Use a mild cleanser instead and follow this up with a soothing moisturizer, preferably a type meant for sensitive skin.

3) Do not bleach, shave, wax or go for facials or clean ups the following week.

4) Do not use kerosene, petrol and spirits to remove the stains as that can dry up your skin.

5) Treat your skin with a mixture of sea salt, glycerin, and a few drops of aroma oil. This natural beauty mask has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

6) Oil is good. Dryness makes skin and hair more vulnerable to toxic colors.

7) Don’t over wash your hair as it can make your hair dry and unmanageable. Instead you can always opt for a hair spa which will help you get all the nutrients back into hair.

Another option would be to use curd as it is very moisturizing and the colors will come out from hair very quickly.