We all have an intuitive sense of what clothes mean. When we walk into a room or down the street, even without thinking about it, we immediately take a note of clothing clues and judge the wearer accordingly. Often we can tell whether a person is rich, poor or what he/she does for a living. And yet, it’s rare that people think about what their own clothes signify about their place in the world or their priorities. Clothes are self -expression. In my case dressing up and clothes mean an art to me or sometimes an escape from my eccentricities. I live for the feeling when you are owned by a look rather than owning a look .That doesn’t always mean that I am wearing something amazing – may be not – but just that may be makes me escape from a phase or something to get excited about . May be in one of those dull moments , I must have opted for this dress bursting with colors and motifs of Indian origin that make me write about them as well .
Manufactured by a brand of Indian origin “shakumbhari” this outfit is perfect for a casual day out. With a very smart placement of black panels on the side seam it automatically makes the wearer look inches less than usual. The brand focuses on creating a collection to enhance varied shades of Modern Indian women. Designs are perfect amalgamation of Indian and modern touch. The look I created is fun and casual. It brings me immense happiness to work with such Indian brands. It is very important how you bring modernity in certain heritage in style or fabric. I wish the brand many more successful years.