Hair Trasformation with Olaplex

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There is no lying to the amount of torture I give to my hair. I color my hair quite often, bleach them and also they undergo so many heat treatments like straightening, curling and what not. To cover up that damage , I use hair masks, try hair spas both homemade and at salon but we all know all these treatments only work temporarily.

So when I was introduced about the Olaplex treatments, you know my expectations were quite high and to a level I was satisfied by the treatment. To those of you who don’t know what it is, Olaplex is like medicine to most of your hair problems dryness, dehydration and damage. Olaplex is essentially a bond multiplier. When your hair goes  through chemical treatments of any kind, it gets extremely damaged, dry and hay-like. When Olaplex formula is added to your treatment it prevents splitting by linking broken bonds in your hair.

Masks and conditions form a temporary surface on your hair , it feels good but doesn’t last. Olaplex works from within and repairs the damage. Talking about my personal experience, I got my treatment done at Cut n style salon, gurugram and the service was amazing.In a quick span of time I have observed that my hair fall has reduced quiet a lot and after approximately 20 days of the treatment I got my hair colored again .I can still see the shine of my hair is maintained.