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If you are a part of fashion/beauty industry, you must have heard the term ‘greige goods’ a lot which means fabric in its raw state. Lately, the term greige broke the internet, I mean just search the hashtag #greige and the results will lead you to hundreds of fashion and interior inspirations .Its all over Pinterest, Instagram and Tumbler. Assuming that you guys have seen the sneak peak to this post, you must have guessed that it is a hybrid of grey and beige color.

When I see grey, I think intellect, dignified, wisdom or may be conservative while the other hand beige is all about richness, warmth, muted, subdued something very pleasing to the eye. So when I came across this term greige, the first thought that hit me right through was why did I not think of this. Let me tell you guys, this isn’t any ordinary color. It is quiet but has made a solid presence and seems to be a “It color” of fall fashion.

This subdued color has been a longtime staple in the fashion scene, as reported by Harper’s Bazaar in 1980’s Georgio Armani was “dubbed the king of greige” .
The plus point of greige is that this color flares well with almost all the skin tone. Also when we are talking about this color, have a look at Bobbi Brown’s latest greige collection. It works beautifully on indian skin tones.

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