It’s funny how fashion changes over time. We admit childhood was not our most fashion conscious era, with outfits chosen mostly by our moms. Lets just say we were not the coolest kids on the playground,but now some of the same looks can make you one of the chicest women in the room. Probably one of my favorite looks to make a comeback is Co-ords. This style is a major upgrade from the matching sets of yesteryear, top and skirt combos or matching jackets and…Continue Reading “KEEPING UP WITH 90’S FASHION”

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Its time to add some color to the dull and humid weather.I tend to veer towards the outfits which have any one design element may it be silhouette, embellishment or colour.Well this one had three of them all together the flare leg cut, the triangle cut-out and a halter tie-up neck. P.S. the flare-leg cuts are making a comeback, you heard it here first (haha). Not to be ignored the strong print-play.So OZEL FASHION is one huge shopping destination where you can find variety of…Continue Reading “ADDING UP WITH OZEL FASHION”


It doesn’t matter if you’re Team food bazaar or a Monday market person or for that matter you call a number and say “GEETA, 2KG BHINDI AUR 1 KG TAMATAR LE ANA”,  grocery shopping often involves being pushed by loud and angry women in pajamas who will be cursed if they get the last packet of milk and standing behind men who just cannot decide which bread to get  or standing in that really long queue waiting for your turn to pay at the cash…Continue Reading “PEPPERTAP APP REVIEW”

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The fact that every-one seems to be in a holiday mood and Facebook being overloaded with check-ins and pictures , I was caught up taking the some other people on a Delhi tour , which eventually put me into my holiday mood . As we sit in this crazy Delhi weather, which goes through more mood-swings than me,  planning the wardrobe was not so tough when you know what you are looking for. Comfort being the key I pulled out a stripped maxi from my closet…Continue Reading “STRIPPED MAXI : A HOLIDAY AFFAIR”

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Fair warning: This is a lengthy read. Best accompanied by coffee, tea and/or chocolate After a long wait and a lot of homework, we are up with the hottest summer trend. We played a little spy on all the stylish people and the “ladies in the city” show us how it’s done. Pretty sure everyone has that dilemma with trying to put tights, pants or skinny jeans on, when it’s so crazy-hot outside . Let’s face it skinnies !! * We can’t do this anymore,…Continue Reading “DENIM DUDE : THE BF JEANS STORY”

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Spring/summer 2014 was the year when everybody was looking to Africa for inspiration and rich color stories were the key for the season. I was fascinated by the new ethnic and it’s strong print and pattern story. It was seen across the globe and still is. It was then when I bought this jumpsuit from FOREVER 21 ,but there was no suitable occasion or place to wear it and it got lost somewhere in my Narnian Wardrobe. Lately I found this piece back and I thought it would be perfect to do some layering and feature it…Continue Reading “WELCOME TO STREETS”


Gone are the days when English used to wear floral brocade gowns in silk ,hand-sewn with a clinging waist.We have moved on with those flowers over time but you see we never left them alone. This season’s most commercial story is the flower story: “Silhouettes being the keywords” My heart popped out of my eyes just like those emoji’s when I saw this striking beautiful blue/white floral pencil skirt.There is something so versatile about this piece of cloth from AND collection, it can be paired…Continue Reading “FLOWER POWER”