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Hats are not something I usually wear, unless I am on holiday. I am definitely partial to a floppy hat for around the pool and on the beach and sometimes the odd fedora comes out . The baker boy hat trend has taken the fashion industry by storm. I took the plunge and bought into this trend and can honestly say, I haven’t looked back! 

From New York Fashion week to Paris Fashion Week, this hat is everywhere. Many it girls have this hat in different styles and colors and the best thing is that you can wear it all year long. Hollywood A-listers and runway walkers alike have adorned the hat, which means everyone has taken notice.  There’s just something that makes a hat turn an outfit instantly more interestingPlus it’s also super useful when you’re not having the best hair day, the winds and the drizzle from the rain has completely ruined your perfectly waved hair.

Also known as newsboy, cabbie, fisherman’s hat. Whatever you like to call it, this ‘working class’ hat became popular at the turn of the 20th century and now it has made a big comeback as a popular fall fashion accessory  It is amazing how fashion from the past reemerges with a whole new meaning. The baker boy hat is the perfect accessory this season because you can really pull it off with anything. It’s perfect for a casual jeans and t-shirt look or a dressier outfit. It’s the cherry on top to give your outfit a little extra something. Plus, there are so many fabrics and patterns that you are sure to find a baker boy hat perfect for any outfit.

You will definitely see me wearing this one a lot this season.



Baker Boy cap – H&M

Red statement sleeve topKAZO WOMAN

Black flared culottesKAZO WOMAN

Belt – Zara

Feet – Clarks



Pratibha-Bhadauria-LabelsAndLove-DelhiTopBlogger-TopInstagrammersOfIndia-BakerBoy-Hat-cap-image 7

Pratibha-Bhadauria-LabelsAndLove-DelhiTopBlogger-TopInstagrammersOfIndia-BakerBoy-Hat-cap-image 6

Pratibha-Bhadauria-LabelsAndLove-DelhiTopBlogger-TopInstagrammersOfIndia-BakerBoy-Hat-cap-image 5

Pratibha-Bhadauria-LabelsAndLove-DelhiTopBlogger-TopInstagrammersOfIndia-BakerBoy-Hat-cap-image 3

Pratibha-Bhadauria-LabelsAndLove-DelhiTopBlogger-TopInstagrammersOfIndia-BakerBoy-Hat-cap-image 1



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