looking in front with a hp spectre x 360 laptop on the table

It’s almost 2020! Don’t you think it’s time to upgrade everything around you? Our smartphones are well crafted, our clothes ornately designed, so why not revamp our laptop too? Well, meet the new HP Spectre x360, the laptop which will take your OOTD game to the next level! Available in beautiful Nightfall Black with Copper Luxe accents and Poseidon Blue with Pale Brass accents, this device exudes luxury. It also features a gorgeous gem cut design achieved with aluminium CNC machining. FYI, did I mention…Continue Reading “FASHION MEETS TECHNOLOGY : ALL ABOUT THE NEW HP SPECTRE x360”


Don’t get shocked tomorrow when someone say shorts-suits have become the new business suit for woman. I want to thank that person or brand whoever came up with this design. In the list of women’s suits , I feel this is the coolest one as I can wear it while travelling or a semi casual meeting or and event.As per my own experience, I have worn my one and only pair of shorts suit twice in a semi formal event setting and both the time…Continue Reading “5 REASONS WHY SHORTS-SUIT ARE NOTHING BUT BUSINESS THIS SUMMER”