Before I even started documenting this post, I had a collection of thoughts buzzing around my head wanting to pop out. Just narrowing it down to my thoughts on absolute freedom of mind. As I read somewhere one defines this term as the ability to make a choice and act upon it completely detached from the input control, or otherwise influence of persons or society. Then no, absolute freedom is an unattainable goal. As long as there are people around, there is influence. And somehow this influence tries to control our thoughts and mind. Living in a world of digital media can influence the mind quite a lot , inspirations become copies and the original does not exist .
Since my infancy I have been taught things in a certain way. Our desires are to some extent shaped by the society, family or influential personalities. I want to express my views on the absolute freedom of mind because I feel like it has had a lot of hold on me as well.
I come from a Rajput bloodline with no family career in fashion and a town where people have the perception that a doctor, engineer or a civil servant is the only person who has attained success in life .Introducing myself as a blogger is often followed by a series of questions , “So you are a model ?” “Is that what you do for a living?” “How does that make any money?”
I being liberal with thoughts and to some extent my family has been very supportive of my abrupt decisions as well. Although I have experienced my fair share of challenges , falling in the box of 25-30 age group for a women in our country is a little tough than usual .You get married to the thoughts of finding ” the right one ” and maintaining a professional stability . Wherever you go there are always people in family or extended family who have found a suitable match for you. Being a Sagittarian my headstrong approach never let these atrocities dominate my mind. I have no hurry for the future and I believe in my time. I do not let any disturbing thought reside in my mind, seems like now I have mastered the art of letting things go. I am a creative person and I need my mind free to explore and not get affected by the past traumas and the present syndromes. I chose this life/career by passion all by myself and a strong belief .When I look back and see the younger self of me, I feel so proud working with the giants like Zee and other known names of the industry, curating stories like I never thought I would be able to do so soon. I am in awe with the remarkable woman I am becoming, being a girl boss and running errands on a daily basis I never thought I could multitask to such a level and come so far. My blog has been my journey of the past year and now I feel so good taking it to the next level. Since its inception, I spent a lot of time thinking what ‘Labels and Love’ would be?I Have tried my hands on creating every kind of content and collect the audience’s response but somehow I could not satisfy my creative instincts in some projects. Everything I do has a thought process, a creative approach, a kind of clarity. Perhaps I have managed to find equilibrium.

Wearing forever 21 white shirt | self made lehenga skirt | septum cuff by h&m | lipcolor by revon colorburst matte balm in purple |

Styling and Concept by – Pratibha Bhadauria

Photographs by – Abhinav Saikia

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