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It doesn’t matter if you’re Team food bazaar or a Monday market person or for that matter you call a number and say “GEETA, 2KG BHINDI AUR 1 KG TAMATAR LE ANA”,  grocery shopping often involves being pushed by loud and angry women in pajamas who will be cursed if they get the last packet of milk and standing behind men who just cannot decide which bread to get  or standing in that really long queue waiting for your turn to pay at the cash counter.

So when someone offers to do the grocery shopping for you, You just can’t refuse.

Say YES at the chance to avoid all that hassle. So guys let me introduce you to this really helpful and handy app, PEPPERTAP.

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Happy blog lovers meet Peppertap  , Peppertap meet happy blog lovers. ☺

 The free Peppertap app lets customers select grocery items. The order will be delivered within two hours (or at a time of the customer’s convenience).

I personally like the icon, that little shopping cart inside the tomato. As soon as you download the app you just have to choose your city and locality which directly takes you to the home page full of numerous categories like body & bath, food & drink etc. here is a list of more than 5000 daily use commodities organized under specific categories at the same/slashed price as that of the market. You need to shop above Rs 250 to enjoy free delivery, in case of lesser amount they charge you Rs50 extra.

All you need to do is SHOP ! SHOP ! SHOP!

Personal experience :

Food delivered to my home/desired place is just as if I would have selected from the grocery store. The quality is not compromised, trust me you are not going to open your box to cracked eggs or bruised fruit.

Coming back to the app. The entire PepperTap process was pleasant. The app is beautifully designed, handy and easily accessible, yet there can be a little improvement in the time of delivery. I received my order a few minutes later than I was expecting, but overall experience was worth waiting for.


                                              Happy PepperTap-ing