Amway Bright Herbals Event

Amway. I have been associated with this brand for a while. I have been using their nutrition supplements for a while but my mom has been an ardent fan of their home care products and dad has been a lover of their toothpaste ‘Glister’ for a long time. The entire Bhadauria family has been a believer in Amway in one way or the other. Little did I know that they now also have an extensive skincare and makeup range. And all of you know how…Continue Reading “Amway Bright Herbals Event”


Don’t get shocked tomorrow when someone say shorts-suits have become the new business suit for woman. I want to thank that person or brand whoever came up with this design. In the list of women’s suits , I feel this is the coolest one as I can wear it while travelling or a semi casual meeting or and event. As per my own experience, I have worn my one and only pair of shorts suit twice in a semi formal event setting and both the…Continue Reading “5 REASONS WHY SHORTS-SUIT ARE NOTHING BUT BUSINESS THIS SUMMER”


  I remember my mother running behind me with a glass of milk with a few soaked almonds (which I completely hated, by the way) just before school, claiming it would make me a genius. Now, when I look back, I wished I had paid heed. Wonder why? Well, they are a powerhouse of nutrients. Did you know that almond oil too has its share of benefits? From aiding weight loss and digestion to making your skin acne-free, almond oil can prove to be a…Continue Reading “BENEFITS OF ALMOND OIL”


You might expect a place that’s 3 centuries old to feel decrepit, but The RAJ NIWAS DHOLPUR PALACE defies expectation. The prolonged palace walls become more enchanting with age, and the lively and energetic town surrounding the palatial estate is spot for tourists all around the world. The title might make your mind lean in the direction of  haunted or spooky, but its the the other way round. Let me just start right away before you make any judgements in your mind. A few days…Continue Reading “WHAT IS IT LIKE TO SPEND THE NIGHT AT A 300 YEAR OLD PALACE”


2017 has been a crazy year for me ! Let’s just say if I ever write a book on my life, this year would be the year highlighted in gold. And why am I saying this, you will know ahead. So take a cup of coffee in your hand and keep reading as this one is going to be a long post. This has been the year when I chose my passion over a comfort, took a risk and worked hard to achieve it. Things…Continue Reading “WHY 2017 HAS BEEN THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE”


Winter is a bit of nightmare for my skin. Trust me during these 3 months of the year, I take extra care of my skin. The cold winds, constant change in weather plays havoc with my skin. I find it’s always a good idea to switch up skincare a little during the winter months to something more soothing & hydrating to add some moisture back into the skin. I have found that my skin has become quite dry in the last couple of months, which…Continue Reading “DECEMBER FAVOURITES ft. HIMALAYA WINTER SKINCARE”


Hats are not something I usually wear, unless I am on holiday. I am definitely partial to a floppy hat for around the pool and on the beach and sometimes the odd fedora comes out . The baker boy hat trend has taken the fashion industry by storm. I took the plunge and bought into this trend and can honestly say, I haven’t looked back!  From New York Fashion week to Paris Fashion Week, this hat is everywhere. Many it girls have this hat in different styles and…Continue Reading “BAKER BOY VIBES


I said it before, and I will say it again: I don’t like wearing foundation! Aside from the fact that it took me a really long time to find one that blends with my skin and isn’t obvious, somehow I still feel like I have a mask on whenever I wear one. I do of course wear foundation on a regular basis, as we shoot or go to events practically everyday and wearing one on camera is rather a necessity. But on my days off,…Continue Reading Skin So Good You Don’t Need Makeup all the time ft Aayana Clinic”

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Monsoon is here and we cannot be more happy but lets face it as revived our spirit feels during this season, our skin does not feel the same way. Instead with loads of stickiness and humidity in the air, it really messes up with the skin and hair. Specially for a oily skin girl like me, trust me its a disaster to keep up with the skin quality. So during this season I tried switching to the products that I was using earlier and built…Continue Reading “MONSOON SKINCARE ROUTINE – BIOTIQUE

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Guys! Have you heard the big news? Celebrated fashion designer and awesome-person Masaba Gupta is launching a new clothing collection at the winter edition of Lakme Fashion Week this year! How do I know this? Because she told me! Oh well haven’t you seen my live video on Facebook with her. Click on the link below to watch the live session with Masaba Gupta & Mr. Kuttiah K S ( VP & Head of marketing ) I recently attended the launch…Continue Reading “Masaba Gupta to launch new collection inspired by HIMALAYAN ORCHARD PURE at LAKME FASHION WEEK